This Christmas, together, we can make a difference.

This Christmas join Catholic Mission to celebrate the missionary spirit, and reach out to the communities in needs. By sharing the voices of Fr Paul in Thailand and Fr Eugen in Romania, Catholic Mission is raising awareness on the importance of the life-giving work of missionaries around the world.

Aligned with 2022 global message created by the Pontifical Mission Societies, #wearestillhere, which highlighted the togetherness and solidarity existing in the missionary network, Catholic Mission is sharing the voices of missionaries and the stories of their life-giving work. In their own words, missionaries from around the word shared the importance of Mission, and the role it plays in people’s life, as a celebration of the love of God.

“Christmas is important because it reminds us of God’s gift of love and hope for the world, granted through the sacrifice of his only Son. We have a duty to share this gift granted to us with others” says Fr Brian, Catholic Mission National Director.

To celebrate the missionary spirit and share the love of God, Catholic Mission is inviting you this Christmas to meet with two extraordinary missionaries, Fr Paul from Thailand and Fr Eugen from Romania. While being miles apart, they are both guided by the missionary spirit, and are dedicated to supporting their local communities and people most in need.

Fr Paul is a local priest in the city of Rayong, Thailand, he supervises the Camillian Social Centre, a centre dedicated to providing a welcoming environment to treat children and adults living with HIV/AIDS.

“First of all, they could realise that they are human beings with dignity and value, the same as other people in society,” shared Fr Paul.

As being misunderstood and rejected by the community due to a lack of awareness, children and adults are not receiving appropriate care to treat their condition. A lack of care often reinforced by the lack of financial resources from the family, who cannot afford to pay for treatment or care for a sick person. The Camillian Social Centre aims to provide its residents with appropriate treatment, care, and opportunities to reintegrate them in the society. Facing the distress of some families, Fr Paul need resources to keep the centre running, provide medication and create opportunities for its residents.

While being miles apart, Fr Eugen, the Pontifical Mission Societies Director of Romania, is also facing distressing situations, as the Ukraine war is still raging, leaving families with no choice than to leave Ukraine and find refuge in neighbouring countries. Since the beginning of the war, Fr Eugen and a network of volunteers have opened their hearts and homes to welcome families fleeing the ravages of war. Thanks to the ongoing support of Catholic Mission’s friends, Fr Eugen is able to welcome refugees and provide a safe environment for them.

“I am grateful to see the readiness of the Church and her people in stepping forward and committing to support refugees in their most difficult moments. And it makes me glad to know that supporters like you, through Catholic Mission, are standing with us by helping us provide safe transportation, stable accommodation, pastoral support and hope in a time where many feel like there is none.” says Fr Eugen.

This Christmas, join Catholic Mission to reach out to the most in need, visit and share the spirit of Christmas.