Stand with seminarians in areas of unrest

Seminarians like Nilan are more dedicated than ever to serving their community, as they witness the devastation of the economic crisis for the people of Sri Lanka.

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Be still and know that I am God

Psalms 46:10

In the midst of political unrest, many missionaries, priests and future Church leaders are dedicating their lives to serving their communities in need.

One of these future Church leaders is 21-year-old Nilan.

Nilan is currently a seminarian and on the journey to priesthood at St. Aloysius Seminary Colombo, Sri Lanka – a country that is currently riddled with political unrest due to the economic crisis.

Nilan has witnessed the devastation this crisis has had on not only his family, but his people. As a result, Nilan is more dedicated than ever to serve his community.

According to a report by The World Bank in 2022, Sri Lanka’s poverty rate has doubled from 13.1 to 25.6 percent between 2021 and 2022, increasing the number of people living in poverty by 2.7 million. This economic crisis has reversed decades of progress for Sri Lankans as the country experiences its highest poverty rate since 2009.

In the face of economic hardship marked by record heights of inflation, power outages and shortages of food and petrol, protestors have been gathering across the nation since March 2022 to voice their frustration.

As a witness to his community’s suffering, Nilan hopes that through his dedication and service to God, that he can be of service to his community and their needs.

I wish to help them overcome their struggles and to sufficiently fulfill their needs… as a priest one day I hope that I should approach them and lead them also to Jesus


Fr. William Evans Liyanarachchi, Rector at St Aloysius shares the direct impact of these shortages on the Seminary:

“The political turmoil and sporadic outbreak of protests over soaring inflation, shortages of food and fuel have practically stopped the day-to-day activities in the seminary… teachers are unable to attend class due to lack of transport… we are unable to conduct online classes because of the power cuts.”

Without the essential needs, current and future seminarians may not be able to continue their studies, and therefore, unable to provide support and hope to their communities as clergy – particularly when it is needed most.

Despite these challenges, the deep faith of seminarians like Nilan allows them to continue their journey in relationship with God.

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They [our people] will triumph one day because our God is a God of liberation who can free us from imprisonment, slavery and oppression

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