MOHMV - Engaging together, taking actions for Mission.

The Australian conference on Mission, Mission: one heart many voices, has concluded on May 5th, after three days of reflection, inspiration and dialogue for the future of Mission. It was a unique opportunity for people who have Mission at heart to gather from all around the country to share their passion by opening their hearts and minds.

The final day of the event encompassed the momentum of the conference, by offering a space of discernment on the previous days, an opportunity for participants to discuss and reflect on the themes explored of truth-telling, reconciliation, and synodality, engaging in constructive dialogue and fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose.

The day began with a broader discussion on “Why Mission? Why Synodality? Why Truth Telling? Why reconciliation?” which reflected on the last two days of the conference and all that emerged from it. This was followed by a moment of exchange, where participants shared their personal journeys of faith and the impact of the conference on their understanding of the Church's Mission, and sharing their commitment to take actions for Mission.

“I’m delighted it’s proven to be a wonderful journey together in a spirit of Mission as these leaders shared prophetically and profoundly their stories and truths working together to reimagine a better world,” says Peter Gates, Deputy National Director of Catholic Mission.

The conference concluded with a closing liturgy, incorporating elements of prayers, music, and reflection on the journey participants had undertaken over the past three days. Fr Brian Lucas, Catholic Mission National Director, addressed the attendees, expressing gratitude for their participation and encouraging them to continue living out the principles of truth-telling, reconciliation, and synodality in their daily lives.

As the conference finishes, participants are leaving inspired and motivated to continue the great work of Mission by taking actions in their personal and professional journeys.

One attendee commented, "The MOHMV conference has been a transformative experience. I leave here with a renewed sense of hope and purpose, ready to make a difference in my own community."

The success of the 2023 Mission: one heart many voices conference is a testament to the dedication and passion of its organisers, sponsors, presenters, and attendees. As participants return to their homes and parishes, they carry with them the knowledge, inspiration, and connections forged during this unique event.