Catholic Mission is standing in solidarity with the Church to provide pastoral and practical support to the people of Turkey and Syria.

As the death toll rises to more than 33,000, Pope Francis renews his appeal for concrete help and prayers for all those affected by the devastating earthquakes that struck Turkey and Syria.

“We continue to be close, with prayer and concrete support, to the earthquake victims in Syria and Turkey.”

On the ground, religious and lay missionaries are coordinating efforts to provide pastoral and practical support to survivors who have lost everything, a situation worsened by the freezing temperatures.

"I try to be close, there is so much pain and fear in everyone's heart. What this earthquake has done is unbelievable. People's fear is stronger than when there was war," says Father Jacques Mourad, a Syrian monk.

Facing the distressing situation, Catholic Mission, as the Pope’s Mission agency, is taking action to support missionaries in Turkey and Syria who are providing vital emergency support and pastoral care in this time of suffering.

“My message would be a call to prayer and generosity in the following times. After the first moments will have passed the second and third stage will start. Mourning and rebuilding.
We will have to rebuild and repair many buildings and churches for the service of people. As well as help people to move forward,” says Fr. Adrian, National Director of Pontifical Mission Societies - Turkey.

Your generous donation today can make a real difference to the lives of people of Turkey and Syria as they seek immediate and ongoing support.