Cambodia Immersion 2024

Adult Immersions & Pilgrimages

“Let us set out again with burning hearts, with our eyes open and our feet in motion…”

Catholic Mission invites you to take up this call of Pope Francis by offering an immersion for adults who are interested in learning more about our projects in Cambodia, and who seek to understand the world through this lens.

Catholic Missions Immersion program aims to engage the entire person, their empathy, humanity, faith and responsibility. Immersion is first and foremost an opportunity to ‘be with’ others. Through an experience of immersion, we are able to more readily recognise those we meet as brothers and sisters as we share daily joys and sorrows and celebrate the richness and gifts that each of us bring. This immersive, experiential approach means that participants will explore far beyond the tourist trail. Participants return from their immersion experience with newfound friends, a broader vision of God’s family and a revitalised understanding of Jesus’ mission and their responsibility to continue that. They return changed and challenged.

Come and explore Cambodia and experience the global missionary church!

In the heart of southeast Asia lies Cambodia, a country to immerse yourself in and learn from with their rich history of both highs and lows. Flying into Phnom Penh we start our immersion amongst the hustle and bustle of its modern city the capital, which like the rest of the country is still recovering from the brutal Pol Pot regime. Here we explore the horrors the country faced during that time through visiting the infamous political prison ‘S21’ and the emotional grounds known as the ‘Killing Fields’. It is only through awareness of the past that we can change this world’s future for the better. Our accommodation in Phnom Penh will be in the newly established Catholic Mission compound.

After experiencing Phnom Penh, we travel north to spend time with the small Catholic community in Battambang. We witness a Church that is alive and changing the lives of those who need it the most, and the strengths and bonds that its presence is creating there.

We end the immersion in the most culturally rich and celebrated UNESCO world heritage site that is Siem Reap. Wander together with your new friends amongst the ancient temples of Angkor Wat and witness a sunrise that, just like the whole experience, you will never forget!

The Catholic Missions Adult Immersion program is open to anyone over 18.

Selected participants will be chosen from the applications.

Immersion Information


Two date options available

  • 01-11 April 2024
  • 11-20 November 2024


  • Flights and Visas
  • All accomodation and meals
  • Local transport and entrance fees
  • Risk Managements services
  • Donations to local communities
  • A trained facilitator
  • A pre-trip preperation workshop


$4,600 per person

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Key Dates

Cambodia Immersion April 2024

Expression of Interests close 31st December 2023

Notification to you of inclusion 15th January 2024

Return of registration forms 25th January 2024

Payment due by 01st February 2024

Cambodia Immersion November 2024

Expression of Interests close 01st July 2024

Notification to you of inclusion 20th July 2024

Return of registration forms 01st August 2024

Payment due by 11th August 2024

  1. My Cambodia Immersion was a whirlwind of wonder! Phnom Penh's history was humbling and Kampot's charm was the perfect finale. The group was fantastic, and our guide was a gem. I've returned with stories and snapshots that'll stay with me forever.
    Rebecca Hardie, Cambodian Immersion Participant