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Samorn* was desperate to find an option for early childhood education for her five-year-old son, Kusa*, that would offer him support, an opportunity to help build a bright future, and be affordable on her single income. This seemed impossible to find in the heart of Bangkok, but thankfully Sister Chalaad and the Good Shepherd Sisters have created the Kindergarten Centre, which offers children from disadvantaged backgrounds a chance to go to school, learn in the classroom, play with friends and receive nutritious meals. However, this incredible and essential program relies on the kindness and support of people like you. Your gift this World Mission Month can help give many more children in need the gift of education by supporting Sister Chalaad and the Kindergarten.

Learn more about Kusa and how the Kindergarten Centre is helping him and many others create a brighter future for themselves through education.

Inspired by Acts 4:20, ‘For we cannot but speak about what we have seen and heard’, Pope Francis encourages us this World Mission Month to “be actively engaged in this mission” and to share about and support mission work such as that of Sister Chalaad and the Kindergarten:

To be on mission is to be willing to think as Christ does, to believe with him that those around us are also my brothers and sisters. May his compassionate love touch our hearts and make us all true missionary disciples.”

Your action today will help ensure that more children like Kusa have the opportunity to use their education to help them break free from the vicious cycle of poverty.

“We try to support them, and it’s not only for education … mind and body have to go together for the children to develop.”

Sister Chalaad

With nearly 100 students currently enrolled at the Kindergarten, Sr Chalaad knows that there is still more work to be done every day to support these children. The Kindergarten provides all the necessary school supplies and uniforms so that every child has an equal opportunity. In addition, Sr Chalaad and the staff know that these children may not always have access to a healthy, filling meal, so by providing lunch and snacks, they know that the children are given the energy and strength to make the most out of each day.

This Kindergarten gives children the opportunity to learn in a safe and positive environment, helping to prepare them for primary school and building a brighter future for themselves. But without your help, Sr Chalaad cannot continue to reach out to all of these children and give them this incredible opportunity – will you give today to help give the life-changing gift of education for more children like Kusa?

Please give generously today to support the life-changing work at the Kindergarten Centre, and many other programs reaching out to those in need around the world. You can choose to give a tax-deductible gift, which helps purchase school supplies, uniforms and nutritious meals for the children at the Kindergarten, as well as supports similar mission projects around the world. Should you not require a tax-receipt, your gift can support all these programs, as well as faith-based programs supporting children and communities, and the formation of seminarians, novices and catechists.

*Name and images altered to protect identity.

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can help cover the cost of running catechism programs for children in remote communities in Thailand.

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